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About Got Questions Ministries

Got Questions Ministries’ purpose is to glorify God and reach people for Christ by providing biblical answers to spiritually related questions. We are Christian, evangelical, theologically conservative, and nondenominational.

As a parachurch ministry, our purpose is to come alongside the Church, joining in the Great Commission Jesus entrusted to His followers, by offering support and answers to those seeking clarity on spiritually-related questions.


Our Commitment

At Got Questions Ministries, we commit to bringing the truth of God’s Word to the online world, where both seekers and believers can find spiritual guidance, increased confidence in God's Word, and encouragement to faithfully follow Him. Our goal is to provide clarity in the midst of confusion, hope in times of despair, and wisdom in moments of uncertainty.

As recipients of God's grace we seek to share and steward His truth in love. We commit to providing thoughtful, compassionate, and biblically-grounded responses to spiritual questions and challenges that people encounter. Our mission is twofold: to equip believers with the knowledge and understanding they seek and to extend the truth in love to those who are searching for spiritual truth. The Bible has answers. We’ll help you find them.

Our Foundation

Our ministry is firmly founded upon the timeless truths of God's Word, the Bible, and the good news of the gospel. We seek to equip individuals to gain a profound understanding of His Word, deepen their relationship with God, and lead lives that reflect His glory.

Our Vision

With God's Word as our guide, the Holy Spirit as our Helper, and the internet as our platform, we aim to glorify God by faithfully and tactfully proclaiming the truth of God’s Word in love to both believers and seekers.

We are here to serve you, support you in your spiritual growth, and share the profound truths of God's Word with you. May you find the answers you seek and grow in an unwavering faith.

Our Network Sites

GotQuestions.org :: Our flagship site, providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually related questions since its foundation in 2002. Today, the site offers thousands of web pages in over 200 languages, making GotQuestions.org the world's most extensive multi-language internet ministry.

BibleRef.com :: An Online Bible Commentary You Can Understand

CompellingTruth.org :: Understand. Explain. Engage.

412teens.org :: Encouraging teens and sharing pearls of biblical truth in a sea of spiritual sludge

GQkidz.org :: A safe place for kids to ask questions and get age-appropriate, biblically sound answers

Podcast.GotQuestions.org :: The Offical Podcast of GotQuestions.org

GotQuestions.blog :: Biblical insights, theological musings, and cultural commentary from a life dedicated to answering questions biblically.

Learn how to support Got Questions Ministries and the ways God is using our network to impact the world for Christ.

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